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About Us

About Us

Dear Folks,

We are a team of sushi fans who want to give other people a chance to order their favorite sushi dishes online in an easy and visually attractive way from where they are. At the same time, we will popularize the eating of sushi around the world, because we truly believe it is cool, healthy and so tasty!

Our main goal is to cover all continents!!!

We’ll teach you how to make sushi at home, provide you with a lot of recipes and useful information on sushi, the subject of our passion.

We are open to any ideas you may have to make our service better and more useful for you. Send us your feedback.

And what about ordering? It’s so easy and clear to choose your nearest or favorite restaurant, got through its nice looking menu and find what you want. The last thing is to decide either you want a takeout or delivery or just book a table and dishes online to enjoy delicious food the minute you walk into the restaurant!

With the passion of sushi,   I-WANT-SUSHI.com Team

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