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For restaurant owners

I-WANT-SUSHI is a website that allows users to order their sushi online for delivery, take-out and table reservation. I-WANT-SUSHI service guides Internet users to become your customers each time they are looking for sushi.

What we can do for you?

  • Allow your clients that are close to your restaurant’s location find your restaurant
  • Allow your restaurant’s clients make orders from your restaurant
  • Your restaurant’s fully customizable menu featured on I-WANT-SUSHI
  • I-WANT-SUSHI is also available on the Android and iPhone (iPad), so customers will be able to order from your restaurant on the go

More money: Our first restaurant received $15.000 additional income for last year.

100% safe: When clients use I-WANT-SUSHI, they do not pay on the website, they order from the website and pay at your restaurant, that way it is safe and reliable for everyone.

Mobile available: It based on Web (through any browsers), Android phones, iPad, iPhones for now and all in is free for you. All our mobile application registered in iTunes and Google Play (check buttons down on main page i-want-sushi.com)

Join our promotion: You can join to our promotion “10% off on Tuesday and Wednesday” with order through i-want-sushi.com and use our discount coupon.

Easy and quickly: Clients or your restaurant do not need any special software to use i-want-sushi.com.

Inform your customers: You can inform customers about special actions through our mobile application or email.

What is the cost of using I-WANT-SUSHI.COM?

  • Enter cost - $199 (one time, include all web and mobile applications)
  • Per month payment:

$0 - $299 orders received per month - $0

$300 - $599 orders received per month - $25

$600 - $799 orders received per month - $37

$800 and more orders received per month - $45

What do you need to start using I-WANT-SUSHI.COM?

  • Sign with us our Partnership Agreement
  • Give us any information that would be relevant to having your restaurant featured on our website (menu, logo, pictures, etc.)
  • Put in I-WANT-SUSHI advertisement that we will provide for you in your restaurant to show your customers that you are a part of I-WANT-SUSHI and that they can order online from your restaurant

email: info@i-want-sushi.com or phone (603) 952-9333

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