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Offer For Your Restaurant


6 reasons why your restaurant should be registered with I-WANT-SUSHI.com

  1. I-WANT-SUSHI.com brings you NEW CUSTOMERS from WWW
  2. We make the order process AS EASY AS POSSIBLE, VISUALLY ATTRACTIVE and SAVE your customer’s TIME. As a result, your current customers will order MORE OFTEN from your restaurant than from your competitors as we give them an alternative way of ordering taking into account all their specific needs
  3. The customer can place an online scheduled order 24 hours x 7 days and you fulfill it on your working time
  4. Online ordering lets your phone line stay free for your phone’s immediate orders (you know how long it takes to process an order by phone)
  5. You’ll benefit from a personalized web-page, where you can display useful news for your customers, such as your current and new dishes, discounts and special offers. You can also present photo/video footage of your establishment, dishes, etc., offering another level of advertisement and competitive edge
  6. All updates of your web site information (menu, news, discounts, etc.) are free through our support team, just e-mail or fax us the updates

How Our Service Works

Why your customers will register with I-WANT-SUSHI.com

  1. Order online and get food takeout in 20 min without standing in line
  2. Online ordering is much faster than by phone and offers a visual reference, eliminating busy lines and human factor
  3. We save them money, since they can regularly receive discounts from their favorite restaurants and get 10% off for the first order from I-WANT-SUSHI.com
  4. Ordering online speeds up the delivery*
  5. Book a table and dishes online to enjoy delicious food the minute you walk into the restaurant*
  6. Registration is FREE and simple, credit card is not required – pay on food pickup or delivery

* Service may not be available for some restaurants


  • We promote our service through various advertising techniques in WWW (contextual adv, theme adv, partner’s programs, etc.)
  • Our extensive marketing plan lets us bring new customers from different areas using creative and workable ideas
  • To our partners we offer a participation in mutual actions like combined print advertising, branded POS materials, etc.
  • We are ready to discuss any ideas you may have to make our service better and more profitable for you

Our support

We provide support from our service center where we:

  • Update your menu
  • Update your special offers and discounts or news for your customers
  • Solve all technical questions/problems you or they may have
  • Provide you with financial results of our work
  • Monitor fraud orders, inform you and help to eleminate them

Financial model

Basic commercial statements in our agreement with you:

  • All orders during the first month are free for you
  • You pay monthly for our service based on the previous month’s orders
  • Trial period is 3 months and if you are satisfied with our service you will pay a setup fee.
    First restaurant in your area gets setup for free!
    Be THE FIRST registered TODAY!
  • No contracts required, you can cancel our service at any time

What do you need to start?

  • Desire to grow your business together with us
  • Register with our online form on www.I-WANT-SUSHI.com or send us your phone number, name of the restaurant and person in charge
    by  fax (888) 335-9869 and we will contact you to discuss everything
  • Fax or mail to: info@i-want-sushi.com your takeout menu and other information about your restaurant (working time, address, contacts, discounts, etc)
  • Get ready to receive lots of orders from us soon!
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